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NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman posts the first Vine from space.

The out-of-this-world Vine is a 6 second time-lapse showing a single Earth orbit as seen from the International Space Station. An orbit which takes the ISS approximately 90 minutes to complete. In this Vine the ISS is flying parallel to Earth’s terminator line, which separates day from night.

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Sculptures by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya makes the most whimsical sculptures. Wooden foals, unicorns, mermaids - soft, delicate and detailed - look almost like porcelain. These beautiful creatures warm the heart and fire the imagination. 

"In Japan, most of traditional buildings and sculptures are made of wood. Wood is a material which breath. It has own age, own viability. I studied these kind of traditional techniques in a graduate school of operative dentistry of cultural assets. I receive some inspirations from an old tale, a myth, a legend and my dream. The figure of my animals is a materialization of human hope, mind and heart."


Art of 1941

Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar Au Chat, 1941, oil on canvas, 128.3 × 95.3 cm, Private Collection.

Norman Rockwell, The Muscleman, 1941, oil on canvas, [no dimensions], Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA.

Henry Moore, A Tilbury Shelter Scene, 1941, ink, watercolour, crayon and gouache on paper, 41.9 x 38.1 cm, Tate Britain, London.


Sleep’s memory role discovered
The mechanism by which a good night’s sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scientists. The team in China and the US used advanced microscopy to witness new connections between brain cells - synapses - forming during sleep. Their study, published in the journal Science, showed even intense training could not make up for lost sleep. Experts said it was an elegant and significant study, which uncovered the mechanisms of memory. It is well known that sleep plays an important role in memory and learning. But what actually happens inside the brain has been a source of considerable debate. Researchers at New York University School of Medicine and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School trained mice in a new skill - walking on top of a rotating rod. They then looked inside the living brain with a microscope to see what happened when the animals were either sleeping or sleep deprived. Their study showed that sleeping mice formed significantly more new connections between neurons - they were learning more. And by disrupting specific phases of sleep, the research group showed deep or slow-wave sleep was necessary for memory formation. During this stage, the brain was “replaying” the activity from earlier in the day. Prof Wen-Biao Gan, from New York University, told the BBC: “Finding out sleep promotes new connections between neurons is new, nobody knew this before. “We thought sleep helped, but it could have been other causes, and we show it really helps to make connections and that in sleep the brain is not quiet, it is replaying what happened during the day and it seems quite important for making the connections.” (via BBC News - Sleep’s memory role discovered)



Physicist Lawrence Krauss explains how something, the universe, can come from nothing… via: National Science Foundation)

This man. Just lose weeks off of your life and browse my Lawrence Krauss archive already….


Andy Goldsworthy, meditative ice sculptures

An artist who makes “earthworks”, he collaborates with nature to create sculpture that is serene and meditative, reliant on time and weather, and as much about the material as it is about the making. Goldworthy’s work is abstract yet accessible. We can relate to his use of natural elements and to the simple, yet sophisticated, beauty of his sculpture. His work is site specific, made for and from a place, entirely with tools and materials from the natural environment.


#YesAllWomen because Rihanna can make a song about enjoying sex and sing about the way she likes it, and it gets banned in 11 countries, while Robin Thicke can completely diminish the line of consent and objectify women in the process in a song and it is a ‘smash hit’ and gets to number one in multiple countries.


As Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter in 1979, it captured the planet’s most obvious visible feature; the Great Red Spot. The Great Red Spot is an anticyclonic (high- pressure) storm that can be likened to the worst hurricanes on Earth. Cyclones develop due to the Coriolis effect where the lower latitudes travel faster than the higher latitudes producing a net spin on a pressure zone. The detailed structure in Jupiter’s atmosphere is dominated by physics known as fluid mechanics. Note that the atmosphere of Jupiter is so dense and cold that it behaves as a fluid rather than a gas. On Earth, the energy to power our storm systems comes from sunlight. Jupiter is too far from the Sun and receives very little energy. The energy needed to power all the turbulence in Jupiter’s atmosphere comes from heat released from the planet’s core.

Credit: James Schombert, NASA/JPL

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Part 3






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